Connecting to Lynn University WI-FI

If you have been directed to this page it is because you need some help configuring your device to connect to the Lynn University Wi-Fi Network. Lynn University provides three Wi-Fi SSIDs that are broadcast so that users may connect.


-This is the primary wireless network for students and employees.  To connect to this SSID you will need to use your MyLynn Username and password.


- This SSID is used for students who want to Gaming Consoles, Smart Tv,s Apple Tv,s, Roku's etc that do not support the 802.1x protocol.  All that means is that your device is older and only supports WEP or WPA/WPA2 and can't take advantage of the newer more secure protocols to connect to wireless networks. We do not recommend that any student uses this network for anything but gaming and television as it is not secure. You will be required to register your legacy device using the MyDevices Portal before you will be able to successfully connect to this wireless network. . For instructions please see the navigation menu on the left "Connecting to Lynn_Open".


- This network is for guests who may visit campus to connect to the internet. We do not recommend any student or staff member use this network. It is not a secured network. You will not have access to any internal resources or websites. For instructions please see the navigation menu on the left "Connecting to Lynn-Guest".